LIUHE R & D Department

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Excellent professional team and talent team

Liuhe Greatness company has an experienced and creative technical team. After years of development, it has formed a professional r&d team skilled in measurement and control technology. The r&d team adopts the operation mode of the project team, and each project team is equipped with hardware engineer, structural engineer, software engineer, process engineer and test engineer. The company cooperates with many universities and scientific research organizations, such as southwest petroleum university, China university of petroleum, China university of mining and technology, China university of geosciences, etc., to continuously improve product design, promote product technology upgrading, and further serve customers with comprehensive, efficient and targeted products and solutions.


Advanced design concepts and achievements 

The company fully adopts computer-aided design system, from research and development to application development, efficient use of comprehensive professional technology to improve the design process, to ensure that the most valuable products and services for our customers.

Up to now, the research and development team of the company has achieved fruitful results, owning more than 30 software Copyrights and obtaining dozens of patent certificates, among which invention patents account for 30%.The company runs more than 30 new research and development projects every year, and constantly launches new products every year to meet the needs of field use.

 Address key customer needs

The company takes the customer demand as the guidance, constructs the complete integration solution for the customer, the solution customer faces the actual safeguard demand, provides the outstanding product and the service for the customer. The company is not only developing and launching new products to enrich our product line, but more importantly, to provide customers with products that can create better value.

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