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The concept and achievements of scientific research cooperation

Liuhe Greatness company always pays attention to the cooperation with scientific research institutes, the annual technical exchanges with scientific research institutes for more than 30 times, and in the cooperation and development projects, mature technology and product sharing on fruitful results. The petroleum research institutes we cooperate with include petrochina engineering research institute, sinopec engineering research institute, daqing research institute, Great Wall research institute, Great Wall engineering institute, sichuan research institute, western research institute and changqing engineering institute. Cooperation of colleges and universities are: China university of petroleum (Beijing), China university of petroleum (east China), southwest petroleum university, xi 'an petroleum university, China university of geosciences (Beijing), China university of geosciences (wuhan), China university of mining and so on, with the China university of petroleum (east China) to build while drilling measurement and control technology laboratory, set up a joint and southwest petroleum university institute of measurement and control of intelligent equipment of oil and gas technology.

Advantages of scientific research cooperation

The company attaches great importance to industry development and technology guidance. The cooperation between scientific research institutes can shorten the research and development cycle of products. The advantages of both sides are complementary to each other in resources.

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