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The following warranty stipulates all of LIUHE's responsibilities for products manufactured and purchased from it or any approved affiliate and will replace any other warranty, express or implied. Any implied warranties fitted for a particular purpose are hereby waived.
This warranty shall be void and LIUHE shall not be liable for any damages or expenses if the Owner does not follow all of the instructions and operations guidelines delivered with each product or instrument.

All products are to be used at buyer's own responsibility with full liability. Seller shall not be liable for buyer's loss of profits or revenue, promotional expenses, overheads, business interruption cost, loss of data, removal or reinstallation costs, injury to reputation or loss of buyers, punitive damages, ipr infringement, loss of contracts or orders or any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature.  Buyer's recovery from seller for any claim shall not exceed the purchase price.
LIUHE warrants that each instrument delivered by itself or one of its approved affiliates is reasonably free of defects and within customary tolerances of Oil and Gas and Mining industries. "Customary tolerances of the Oil and Gas and Mining industries" means tolerances common and expected in those industries and guaranteed to be performed by a skillful and professional personnel. This warranty also covers against any defect in the material of the product and guarantees that each instrument meets the company’s corporate standards.
This Warranty, as well as the statute of limitations for any claim of damages for defective work or materials is defined as the earlier of:
  1. According to the date of customer receipt of the goods or 30 days after the goods are shipped from the factory, prevail in the first arrival date.
  2. If purchased from an approved affiliate of a third party or under other special circumstances, the start date of the warranty period needs to be agreed on in a written agreement. 

The warranty period for the different products is defined as the following:
  1. The warranty period of a whole instrument is ONE year or 1000 working hours, prevail in the first arrival date. 
  2. The warranty period for probes, pulsers, gamma probes, other components which contain electronic circuits is ONE year or 1000 working hours, prevail in the first arrival date; and the equipment receives its preventative maintenance cycle within the first SIX months or the first 600 working hours;
  3. The warranty period of quartz flex accelerometer in directional probe is ONE year or 1000 working hours, prevail in the first arrival date prevail in the first arrival date.
  4. The warranty period for rechargeable battery pack is SIX months.
  5. The warranty period for repaired and replaced instruments during the first ONE year or first 1000 working hours from purchase is the remaining of this ONE year or remaining of the 1000 working hours, prevail in the first arrival date prevail in the first arrival date.
  6. The warranty period for repaired and replaced parts beyond the warranty period shall be THREE months.
This limited warranty does not cover the following items:
  1. Damage or defects caused by the failure to maintain any item or keep it in good working order.
  2. Damage resulting from fire, freezing, storms, electrical malfunction or surge, lightening, earthquake, pest damage, acts of God, or other unforeseen causes or accidents.
  3. Damage from alterations, misuse, or abuse by any person; ordinary wear and tear for Rubber seals, Disposable batteries and Consumables specified in the product manual.
  4. Damage caused by lack of maintenance or by static discharge, negligence or attempt to physically access the instrument internally by non-authorized LIUHE personnel.
  5. Damage causing the appearance of the instrument to change from its original design.
  6. Damage resulting from failure to observe and follow any or all operation instructions furnished at the time of purchase or installation.
  7. Instrument internal contamination by water, drilling fluid or any other substance or fluid.
  8. Any item furnished, installed, modified, altered, or repaired by any other person other than an approved LIUHE technical expert.
  9. Problems which arise in an attempt to match existing components, parts of equipment.
This warranty applies to the original OWNER and may be transferred to any subsequent owner within the initial 1000 working hours or ONE-year period after substantial completion.
If a problem develops during the warranty period, OWNER shall notify SELLER in writing of the specific problem. OWNER shall give such notice promptly after first discovering the condition. SELLER will begin performing the obligations under this warranty within a reasonable time of receipt of such a request and will diligently pursue these obligations.  Repair work will be done during SELLER'S normal working hours. OWNER also agrees to provide a responsible person with the authority to approve the repair and sign an acceptance of repair on completion.  There shall be no charge for the costs and expenses of examination or inspection by the SELLER, whether not a defect is found or later repaired or replaced.  The repair will be done by competent experienced personnel approved by LIUHE.  If required, SELLER shall charge the BUYER the cost of shipping and handling of the faulty equipment back and forth to the factory or the nearest approved repair facility, whichever is best suited to do the repairs.  SELLER has sole discretion as between repair or replacement of faulty components. All efforts shall be made for a reasonable match, and to repair or replace in the event the original item is no longer available.

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