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File name:DEES-deep earth exploration system Setup V1.1.8

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DEES-deep earth exploration system Setup V1.1.8
Update: August 31th, 2020

Operating systems
Windows 10
Windows 10 (x64)
Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 (x64)
Windows 8
Windows 8 (x64)
Windows 7
Windows 7 (x64)

New Features
Add differential baseline decoding algorithm to improve the decoding effect of the software in extreme environments.

Update History
【v 1.1.8】2020-08-31
Release Notes:
- Add differential baseline decoding algorithm. It can still be decoded normally when the pressure difference is 0.02MPa .
- Increase the automatic resolution function of pump stop sequence to improve the decoding ability.
- The software will give a beep sound to prompt the user when the pump is started or stopped.
- Add software online upgrade function. It can upgrade to the latest version when you connect to the internet.

【v 1.1.7】2020-07-16
Release Notes:
- Optimize the working mode and the highest upload  rate can reach 0.84BPS.

【v 1.1.6】2020-06-28
Release Notes:
- Add function of 175℃&172MPa MWD vibration measuring sub .
- Add modification of drilling tool's penetration rate.

【v 1.1.5】2020-05-31
Release Notes:
- Optimize decoding algorithm to enhance the anti-interference ability of abnormal signal.
- Add real-time resistivity data compensation function.
- Add environment compensation setting function for Near-bit azimuthal gamma data.
- Add related function of formation pressure.
- Add independent curve plotting function to improve the real-time decoding ability of software.

【v 1.1.4】2020-04-29
Release Notes:
- Provides vertical depth plotting function of Near-bit gamma.

【v 1.1.3】2020-04-26
Release Notes:
- Optimize trajectory calculation module.
- Adjust  data format that sends to RFD.

【V 1.1.2】2020-04-09
Release Notes:
- Add WITS customization function of selecting transmission parameters.
- Add window setting function for communication rate of engineering parameter.
- Extend data transmission range of software.
- Optimize the function of working mode.
- Enhance data accuracy in depth list.

【V 1.1.1】2019-12-05
Release Notes:
- Optimize decoding algorithm to enhance the ability of extracting and decoding weak signals.
- Add the function to switch waveform display between filtered data and original data.
- Add manual fine tuning function for decoding threshold and opening pump threshold.

Before using the software, you need to install the PL2303 serial port driver. Download directory is as following: Download

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Version: 1.1.8
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