Resistivity measurement while drilling system

Core Part For Geosteering Operation

Product Introduction

Product Description



◆ Dual frequency design, symmetrical compensation measurement, eliminate system error and hole effect

◆ The double source distance design avoids the influence of instrument eccentricity and dielectric effect
◆ Eight curves of amplitude and phase resistivity are available
◆ The high sensitivity calibration is clear and eliminates the influence of communication error
◆ True amplitude ratio and phase difference information can be provided
◆ Modular design, instrument maintenance convenient and quick

◆ Strong expansibility, battery power supply and generator power supply are optional

◆ According to the requirements of customers can be linked to the azimuth gamma

◆ Communication mode can be M30 and single-bus optional configuration

◆ Operation software visualization, curve display specialization


◆ Reservoir geological parameters are added to improve the detection efficiency
◆ Good reservoir geological parameters can be obtained during horizontal drilling

◆ In the development of thin reservoir, certain oil recovery is improved

Product Parameters

Parameter Name

measuring span
measurement range  Phase resistivity:(2MHz): 0.1~3000Ω.m
                    (400KHz): 0.1~1000Ω.m
Amplitude resistivity:(2MHz): 0.1~500Ω.m
                     (400KHz): 0.1~200Ω.m

measuring accuracy

Phase resistivity:(2MHz):±2%(0.1~50Ω.m); ±0.5ms/m(50~3000Ω.m)
Amplitude resistivity:(2MHz):±2%(0.1~25Ω.m); ±1ms/m(25~500Ω.m)
                    (400KHz):±5%(0.1~5Ω.m); ±5ms/m(5~200Ω.m)
The highest heat resistance 150℃
The highest pressure 140MPa
Outside Diameter 120mm or 172mm
Vertical resolution 8in
Minimum measurement period 10s
Maximum dogleg 9°/30m(rotate);16°/30m(slide)

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