Gamma Probe

Probe in the Gamma Detector can detect Gamma-ray intensity accurately to realize dividing formations, geosteering and other actions during well drilling operation.

Product Introduction

Product Description




◆ High sensitivity sealed sodium iodide scintillation crystal and rugged high temperature photomultiplier

◆ Adopt special vibration damping design to improve instrument reliability

◆ Independent development, can be customized according to customer needs
◆ High sensitivity



◆ Apply to MWD system

◆ Geosteering system

◆ Near-bit measuring system


Product Parameter

Input voltage 20~30VDC
Input current 8~20mA,8mA@28V
Output signal +5V negative pulse
Shock resistance (X-axis or Y-axis) 1000g/0.5mS 1/2 sine wave
Shock resistance (z-axis) 500g/0.5mS 1/2 sine wave
Anti-vibration (3-axis) 30~200Hz 20G
operating temperature 0℃~175℃

Product Model

model number designation diameter length Maximum range of measurement precision sensitivity
LHE6141 Trail gamma sensor ø26.7mm/1.05” 422.5mm/16.63” 500API 5% 1.9CPS/API
LHE6441 Gamma sensor ø34.5mm/1.36” 340mm/13.39” 500API 5% 2.2CPS/API
LHE6741 19mm Gamma sensor ø19mm/0.75” 349mm/13.74” 500API 5% 1.0CPS/API

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