Wireless Measure While Drilling

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Product Introduction

Product Description




◆ Salvable positive pulse wireless MWD
◆ Ground equipment wireless communication, no need to lay cables
◆ Modular design, easy to update and maintenance
◆ Using high precision sensor components
◆ Optional gamma ray and depth measurement system


◆ Petroleum drilling engineering
◆ Construction of coal mine
◆ Tunnel and trenchless crossing construction
◆ Small hole directional well/horizontal well construction

Product Parameters

Slant angle 0~180° ±0.1°
Azimuth angle 0~360° ±1.0°
High side tool face 0~360° ±0.5°
Magnetic tool face 0~360° ±0.5°
data storage Store 300h data @10s storage interval

Optional component parameters

◆ Depth measurement system
Slant angle 0~9999.99m 1%(simple root)

◆ Gamma ray nipple
Measuring range 0~500API ±2%
Sensitivity 2 CPS/API (LHE6101/LHE6504)
1.5 CPS/API (LHE6201)
Vertical resolution 172mm
Maximum data storage capacity Store 300h data @10s storage interval

Enviromental Parameters

Mud viscosity ≤140s (Funnel viscosity)
Mud density ≤2.5g/cm³
Mud sand <1%
Mud signal strength 0.5MPa~2.0MPa
Mud displacement 10~55L/s (LHE6101/LHE6504)
5~50L/s (LHE6201)

Product Classification

model number diameter length Biggest pressure operating current
LHE6101 ø48mm 0~125℃/150℃ 120MPa 180h(With gamma)/200h(Without gamma)
LHE6201 ø40mm 0~150℃ 140MPa 180h(With gamma)/200h(Without gamma)
LHE6504 ø48mm 0~175℃ 140MPa 180h(With gamma)/200h(Without gamma)
LHE6504A ø56mm 0~175℃ 172MPa 180h(With gamma)/200h(Without gamma)

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