Comparing with Dynamically Tuned Gyro (DTG) working with two-axis accelerator, patented LIUHE North Auto-finding FOG can work much better under severe v

Product Introduction

Product Description




◆ Aerospace quality fiber optic gyroscope sensor
◆ The inclinometer automatically searches north without ground alignment

◆ Various damping design, good vibration resistance, high stability, easy calibration

◆ Measure the height of gyro while drilling, real-time monitoring display

◆ Optional working mode: multi-point, directional, test



◆ MWD system

◆ Geosteering system

Product Parameters

Azimuth range and error 0~360° ±1.0°
Time of measurement for each set of data ≤70s
Gravity height margin and error 0~360° ±0.5°
The load impedance ≤200Ω
Overall dimensions of the floor 235×105×245mm

Enviromental Parameters

Under pressure 80Mpa
impact 1000G 0.5mS half sinusoid
vibration 10G, frequency 30Hz~200Hz~30Hz
Ground operating temperature -20~55℃
Working voltage of ground part AC100V~242V,50~60Hz

Product model

model number Outside diameter length temperature resistance Well Angle range and error peculiarity
LHE2304 ø48mm/1.89” 3450mm/135.8” 0~175℃/32~347°F 0~90°±0.1° Wired high temperature configuration
LHE2305 ø48mm/1.89” 4280mm/168.5” 0~175℃/32~347°F 0~90°±0.1° Storage type high temperature configuration
LHE2306 ø48mm/1.89” 4280mm/168.5” 0~175℃/32~347°F 0~90°±0.1° Wired, storage type high temperature configuration
LHE2307 ø42mm/1.65” 3210mm/126.4” 0~70℃/32~158°F 0~90°±0.1° Wired standard configuration
LHE5201 ø45mm/1.77” 3210mm/126.4” 0~70℃/32~158°F 0~60°±0.1° Wire MWD

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