Turbine Generator

The Turbine Generator can transfer Drilling Fluid Kinetic Energy to Electronic Energy. It can provide continuous energy to downhole equipment replacing

Product Introduction

Product Description:LHE6480/LHE6481

  The turbine generator USES the mud fluid kinetic energy to generate electricity, replacing the traditional lithium battery to provide continuous electric energy for downhole instruments. It is safe, reliable, energy saving and environmental friendly.The instrument can be equipped with energy storage sub, built-in high temperature rechargeable battery, the turbine generator to charge the energy storage sub when the pump is started, the energy storage sub when the pump is stopped can continue to power the downhole instrument, does not affect the MWD static data collection.



◆ Mud kinetic power generation, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection
◆ It can be configured to save energy and realize static data collection

◆ Compatible with different instrument interfaces



◆ Oil and coal drilling equipment MWD, LWD power supply


Product Parameters

operating temperature 0°C~150 °C
MTBF >600h
Maintenance time 300h, Maintain the outer flush parts

Optional component parameters

◆ LHE6481 Storage sub parameters
operating temperature 0°C~125 °C

stored energy time

>10min 200mA@24V
battery capacity  ≥4AH

Product Classification

model number LHE6480 LHE6481
size 1551mm×ø42mm 1500mm×ø48mm
output power ≥4W@300mL/min ≥20W@30L/S
output voltage 18V±0.5V(customizable) 30V±0.5V(customizable)
impeller outer diameter  ≤ø57.5mm ≤ø67mm
biggest pressure 60MPa 120MPa
random vibration 10grms,30~1000Hz Not damaged 10grms,30~1000Hz Not damaged
impact 1000g,0.5ms half sinusoid 1000g,0.5ms half sinusoid
Stator /rotor specification stator 38°,rotor 52° 0°,30°,28°,42°

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