Self-floating Steerable Shunt Valve

Currently, during oil and gas well drilling operations, there is always chances for downhole tools to affect special actions like leakage plugging, well

Product Introduction

 Product Description:LHE7801

  At present, in petroleum drilling engineering, the existence of downhole tools has a certain impact on some special underground construction, such as plugging, well cleaning and mud performance adjustment. Frequent tripping reduces production efficiency. The self-floating bypass valve can be opened and closed timely according to downhole working conditions for special operations to enhance the patency of special drilling assembly, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and reducing well control risks.



◆ Can not be drilling plugging and other special operations, shorten the drilling cycle
◆ The bypass valve automatically closes when the pump is stopped to avoid possible u-pipe effects or well control problems
◆ Free from downhole tools, instruments and drill holes, it is possible to achieve high-displacement well cleaning
◆ It can effectively remove cuttings beds in directional Wells and horizontal Wells
◆ Can effectively protect downhole instruments and power drilling tools
◆ Multiple downhole switching operations can be achieved
◆ Downhole MWD instrument replacement, can not afford to drill for salvage, release


◆ Protect the downhole drilling assembly, not drilling for plugging, fixed-point acidizing and other operations
◆ Vertical Wells, directional Wells in the removal of cuttings bed, large displacement well cleaning

◆ Workover/completion


Product Parameters

Tool diameter 165mm
Tool diameter 57mm
Tool length 525mm
Connected to buckle 410/411
Pitch diameter 63mm

opening times

Normal circulation flow area 2550mm²
Bypass circulation area 780mm²
Bypass the differential <5Mpa

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