Sticking-point Measurement System

To Target the Sticking-point

Product Introduction

Product Description:LHE4201

  The stuck instrument is a special logging instrument that can accurately measure the stuck position when drilling, workover or pulling string is stuck. It can be applied to the well condition of large deviation in oil drilling, the data of stuck point can be measured intuitively and accurately, the success rate of unstuck can be improved, the construction time can be shortened, and it is indispensable in the oilfield development process.Hexagon card instrument abandons the way of reading data by pointer and USES upper computer software for data storage and calculation. It is intuitive and convenient to use and can be customized according to customer needs.



◆ Accurately measure the position of the stuck string during drilling or workover
◆ The principle of electromagnetic induction is used to locate the coupling and detect the drill sticking

◆ Independent development, can be customized according to customer needs



◆ Drilling sticking

◆ Workover sticking
◆ The pipe string is stuck in the drill


Product Parameters

Operating temperature range 0~150℃
Under pressure 105MPa
Overall dimensions φ35mm
cable φ8mm Armored cable(resistance 9.2Ω/km)
Two spear distance 2.05m
Stretching deformation 0.025mm
Accuracy of point measurement ±1.5m
Torsional deformation 0.5°(measuring accuracy 0.1°)
Overall dimensions of the floor 235×105×245mm
Ground operating temperature -20~55℃
Ground power AC85~265V

Enviromental Parameters

Use of deviation ≤60°
Apply caliper 42mm-130mm
The machine power consumption ≤100W
Sinusoidal sweeping vibration 5G,50~200Hz
impact 1000G 0.5mS half sinusoid 

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