Whill drilling engineering vehicle

It is not only used on Wireline Logging but also on many other kinds of operations related with hanging and data transmission.

Product Introduction

Product Description:LHE2063/LHE2064/LHE2065/LHE2071A

      LWD can be widely used in geological, coal, metallurgy, hydropower, nuclear industry and other systems for survey geophysical logging operations, downhole and hoisting logging cables, downhole instruments and transmission of well signals.The MWD can be powered by external wellsite power or by its own generator, with a diesel engine as the main power and a hydraulic system to drive the rollers.Equipped with a single core armored cable with a diameter of 8mm, it can meet the measurement operation of drilling task within 6000m;Equipped with "depth and tension measuring device", which can display the lowering depth, speed and tension in real time;Among them, the depth is measured with double redundancy, and the encoder measurement device and mechanical measurement device are installed respectively, so that the measurement value is more accurate and reliable.Electro - hydraulic rope - laying device can be used for manual or automatic rope - laying.
      Operation room adopts closed and heat insulation structure, equipped with air conditioning, operation desk, seat, etc.



◆ Container type fully sealed structure is convenient for transportation
◆ Simple structure, convenient operation, complete functions



◆ When it is used for borehole measurement, the measuring instrument in the well is connected with the surface instrument system or computer system to realize the direct reading or interpretation of downhole parameters.


Product Parameters

technical parameters LHE2063 Pry cable winch LHE2064 Hoisting cable winch LHE2065 Double stranded cable LHE2071A Box-type LWD
Enhance the load 45KN 45KN 45KN 40KN
power 37KW(dynamo) 37KW/112KW 37KW(dynamo) 93KW(diesel engine)
depth  Display -9999~9999.9m -9999~9999.9m -9999~9999.9m -9999~9999.9m
speed display 0~9999.9m/h 0~9999.9m/h 0~9999.9m/h 0~9999.9m/h
Line speed 80~6000m/h 80~6000m/h 80~6000m/h 80~6000m/h
drum capacity 6000m(ø8mmcable) 6000m(ø8mmcable) 6000m(ø8mmcable) 6000m(ø8mmcable)
boundary dimension  6500×2100×2600mm 6500×2100×2600mm Winch room dimensions 3820×2600×2440mm
powerhouse dimensions  1160×2200×2440mm
weight 6800Kg 6400Kg Winch room 5000Kg
powerhouse 1200Kg
temperature range -20~45℃ -20~45℃ -20~45℃ -20~45℃


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