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Product Introduction

Product Description:LHE0014

      LHE0004 digital display calibration stand is used to test and verify the whole attitude of the probe tubes and sensors of various inclinometer, and it is equipped with 3d adjustment devices of inclination Angle, azimuth Angle and rolling Angle.
      The machine body is all made of high-strength non-magnetic material, and the moving part is made of wear-resisting non-magnetic bearing, which ensures the magnetic field distortion of the whole machine no more than 30NT/5mm.
The calibration rack only needs to be leveled and calibrated during the initial installation, and the system will automatically remember the calibration data.Due to using multi-fiber rotating connector, bearing parts can be achieved above 360 ° rotating freely.The inclined adjustment handwheel is fixed on the side of the test stand by the mechanical transmission device, which makes the operation more easy, convenient and safe.With a special processor, the attitude of the calibration stand can be displayed in real time.LHE0004 is equipped with special upper computer processing software LHE0014, which is connected to the ground host via USB, and can be used for real-time display and control on PC, and can be used for secondary development of automatic measurement and other aspects.



◆ Overall no magnetic, simple and smooth appearance

◆ Absolute value without magnetic encoder, power off memory

◆ The non-magnetic hole slip rings, bearing May 360 ° rotating freely

◆ Digital real-time display, USB data output

◆ Suitable for inclinometer of various specifications

◆ LHE0014 upper computer software displays and saves attitude data in real time

◆ Reserve custom power interface



◆ Calibration of inclinometer and compass for oil drilling

◆ Calibration of geological borehole inclinometer

Product Parameters

Slant angle 0~180°±0.05º
Azimuth angle 0~360°±0.05º
High side tool face 0~360°±0.05º
Clamping diameter Φ26mm~55mm(1.02”~2.17”)
Data communication interface USB
weight 70kg
Overall dimensions Φ800mmx1300mm(31.5”x51.2”)
foot margin mounting dimension Φ60mmx40mm(2.36”x1.57”)
Power supply AC85~264V
Working temperature -20℃~55℃
bearing ≤20kg

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