Active Magnetic Field Calibration System

To achieve a designed magnetic field inside.

Product Introduction

Product Description:LHE5101A/LHE5101B/LHE5101C

  The active magnetic field calibration system is composed of coil frame, control cabinet and upper computer software.The control cabinet can generate a uniform dc magnetic field in the direction of X, Y and Z. While offsetting the earth's magnetic field and the surrounding magnetic field, it can also generate a stable uniform magnetic field that meets the inspection requirements of the probe. In the absence of a magnetic chamber, the magnetic parameter errors such as magnetic tool surface, magnetic inclination Angle, orientation and total magnetic field intensity can be calibrated.



◆ This product can be used to calibrate the magnetic parameters of the probe tube, such as magnetic tool surface, magnetic dip Angle, azimuth, total magnetic field strength, etc.With the control cabinet and upper computer software, you can achieve a simple and convenient one-button check

◆ Dimensions can be customized


◆ Calibrate the probe of the MWD system

◆ Offset external magnetic field

◆ Generate a constant magnetic field

Product Parameters

model number LHE5101A LHE5101B LHE5101C
maximum magnetic field strength ±1GS(100uT) ±1Gs(100uT) ±1Gs(100uT)
operating temperature 0℃~+55℃ 0℃~+55℃ 0℃~+55℃
Measuring precision of magnetometer ±10nT ±10nT ±50nT
The minimum step ±0.1uT ±0.1uT ±0.1uT
Dimensions (length width height) 1800mm×1730mm×1560mm 2400mm×2400mm×2550mm 3000mm×3000mm×3140mm
0.5% homogeneity range >180mm×180mm ×180mm >240mm×240mm ×240mm <300mm×300mm ×300mm
Unparallelism of paired coils <±1° <±1° <±1°
Incorrect of three axes Not more than + / - 1 ° between any two axis Not more than + / - 1 ° between any two axis Not more than + / - 1 ° between any two axis

supply current

<3A <3A <3A

supply voltage

<60V <60V <60V
Power control accuracy <±1% <±1% <±1%

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