Pulser Oiling Station

Oiling the Pulsers

Product Introduction

Product Description:LHE6027/LHE6027B

  Oil filling machine adopts microprocessor control to realize automatic control, pressure gauge was used as the sensor, the use of electromagnetic valve as an actuator, to achieve the oil circulating in the pulse, and join the pressure pulse, the more effective will be surplus gas pulse discharge, realize the unattended, early warning for the abnormal state, greatly improved the work intensity of technical personnel.With the patent ZL 201220480505.9.



◆ Unique design of the control procedures
◆ The filling process is unattended

◆ Oil status is visual
◆ Digital display of each working period
◆ Abnormal status automatic alarm

◆ The case is convenient for transportation and maintenance

◆ Suitable for downhole oil filling instrument

◆ Automatic or manual oil filling

◆ Short filling time



◆ Fill the pulse with oil


Product Parameters

Tank capacity 1L
Maximum vacuum <0.01MPa
Fluid viscosity (centistoke) 50-100cst
Working voltage 220 VAC (±10%)
110 VAC (±10%)(optional)

Product Classification

model number designation Standard filling time operating temperature Working capacity of tank maximum power size weight
LHE6027 oil sac type pulser Oil filling equipment  4h -20℃~40℃ 0.6L 660W 800×550×500mm 65KG
LHE6027B Piston type pulser oil filling equipment <15min -20℃~55℃ 0.3L 220W 500×450×270mm 23KG

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