Anti-washout Big Size Plunger

Longer Service Life

Product Introduction

Product Description:LHE6101/LHE6201/LHE6504

  The scour resistant big piston is a bottom key type mud pulse generator. Compared with similar products, which are prone to erosion and sand jam, etc., this product has a longer life expectancy through a number of innovative designs and material improvements, which can produce clearer and more stable pulse signals and effectively reduce the occurrence of sand jam. Our LHE61, 63, 64 series and HLMWD series pulsers can be used to replace the traditional models perfectly.



◆ Longer life expectancy

◆ The tolerance of LCM increased significantly
◆ Pulse amplitude increased by 20-30%

◆ A clearer, more consistent pulse signal can be produced in deep Wells

◆ Data rate increased to 0.5 second pulse width


◆ This product is suitable for the down-set key type mud pulse generator, used for downhole drilling while surveying, producing mud pulse signal, and can be used for oil well deviation measurement, coal exploration, geological exploration and other fields.


Product Parameters

operating temperature 0℃~175℃
Outside diameter φ48mm
screw-thread form Tr41×3(LHE61, 63, 64 series and HLMWD series pulse)
Mud signal strength 72 ~290PSI(0.5~2 MPa)


Enviromental Parameters

Mud displacement 10~50L/s(depends on the size of the drill collar)
Mud viscosity ≤140s (Funnel viscosity)
Mud sand <1%
Mud density ≤2.5g/cm³

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