Team Building 2018

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In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, and cultivate the teamwork spirit and sense of responsibility of employees, solstice launched a two-day outreach activity to expand al-qaeda in huairou, Beijing on July 14, 2018. The total number of participants in this activity is 52, including 45 employees, 1 customer and 6 small family members.The participating departments include general manager's office, secretary to the President's office, r&d department, general affairs department, finance department, quality inspection department, material management department and technology department.
      On the morning of July 13, we arrived at jingluo mountain villa, the group's destination, by bus.Under the leadership of development coach dapeng, I divided the team into groups, selected the team captain, team secretary and security officer, and completed the creation of team name, team flag and team song.We are divided into three teams, respectively is the big tree team, the grass team and the hero team.
      The members of the three teams completed the warm-up activities under the guidance of the coach, and then the three teams had a big competition of team activities, including fun expansion projects of the fingerboard, inspiring, and non-forest projects.
      Lunch teams for cooking parade, from fire, chopping vegetables to stir-fry, employees the remarkable skill, solidarity and collaboration, complementary, because the POTS only five, but teams want again stir fry and stews, pan obviously not enough use, three team regardless of you and me at this time, a few teams together "all cooking pot, stewed Chai Ji", 30 minutes short, chefs dish fragrance overflowing, five big table full of pendulum.
      Test the endurance and team spirit of the team than the power rope circle project, all hand in hand in a circle, sitting on the ground, pull the piece of rope in front of each other, at the same time to a direction of rotation, heart to one place to think, strength to one place, work together to shake out the 666 circle of good results.
      A day of group building activity was spent in our laughter. At last, chairman feng jianyu gave a speech on the group building and gave expectations. On the premise of adhering to the concept of "pioneering and innovation, pursuit of excellence, and sharing the future", he expected the activity to be more successful.

Liuhe considers every employee as a partner on both Company Career and Individual Career. Every member of Liuhe Team has been gaining own achievement and feeling about belonging, innovation, group cohesiveness and tenacity from Liuhe Spirit. This is the base for building a brilliant team with professional ability on decision making and execution.

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