The new centralizer of MWD

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Old style centralizer structure

Centralizer is an important part of MWD inclinometer. It plays the role of series instrument and centralizing instrument, ensuring power supply and communication between each short connection.
      The original centralizer structure is shown in the figure above, including core rod (1), split ring (2), upper end joint (3), centralizer ring (4), spring (5), spring gasket (6) and lower end joint (7).
      This structure has the following defects:
      1. The core rod is hard connected with the upper and lower ends of the instrument, which bears the longitudinal vibration force and torque of the whole instrument, which is likely to cause the core rod to fracture or poor contact, resulting in no signal of the instrument;
      2. When the centralizer and instrument are assembled, due to the structure, it is impossible to see the docking situation of the solid plug, which may easily cause the pin of the solid plug to break off and the centralizer to be scrapped;
      3. Complex structure, difficult assembly, disassembly;
      4. High maintenance cost.

New type centralizer structure

1. the core rod is connected by soft wire in the middle, without any force, without fracture risk;
      2. when the centralizer is assembled with the instrument, the docking situation of the solid plug can be clearly seen to prevent the pin breaking of the solid plug;
      3. simple structure, easy assembly, disassembly;
      4. wearing parts only centralizing ring, low maintenance cost.
      The new type centralizer, with a control board, can be easily upgraded to a dual-battery centralizer structure, as shown in the figure:
      The downhole time of the instrument is doubled, and the battery can be used up, avoiding the waste of battery.

The above products can be customized, by changing the joint structure, can be compatible with QDT series all MWD products, to provide users with more options.

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