MWD innovative technology series - circular sleeve technology

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1. Introduction of new type circulating sleeve
Patent name: The utility model relates to a circulating sleeve for a portable wireless measurement while drilling inclinometer
Patent number: 201620642306.1

With more and more drilling operations, the utilization rate of wireless Measure While Drilling (MWD) is getting higher and higher, and the loop sleeve, as a component of MWD product to generate pressure signal, plays a very important role. The Current limiting ring on the circulating sleeve is matched with the main valve head on the pulser to generate a pressure signal. As drilling depth, mud density, flow rate and other conditions change, it is necessary to replace the Current limiting ring on the loop sleeve frequently to ensure that the signal strength is within the resolution range of the receiving instrument.
      This product is a universal QDT series pulser, which can perfectly replace the traditional circulating sleeve.
2. primary structure

①locking sleeve; ②Current limiting ring; ③Loop sleeve ontology; ④pin; ⑤directional bond.
      As shown in the figure, the current limiting ring② is pushed into the current limiting ring installation groove from the bottom of the Loop sleeve ontology③, and then the locking sleeve① is fastened on the bottom end of the Loop sleeve ontology③ through the thread, and the current limiting ring② is fixed in the Loop sleeve ontology③, and the directional bond⑤ is fixed on the Loop sleeve ontology③ through the pin④.
      Through thread connection, there is no structural mutation, erosion deformation is small in the hole, and it will not cause the phenomenon that  the current limiting ring can not be replaced out of the well,; the directional bond⑤ is fixed through the pin④ and Loop sleeve ontology③ , avoiding using screws, and it can be disassembled conveniently out of the well. Through the above structure, it is completely avoided that the current limiting ring cannot be replaced due to the hole damage and blockage of the set screw of the circulating sleeve.
3. Advantages comparation
      Three set screws are used to fix the current limiting ring on the circumference of the traditional circulating sleeve. When the instrument is in the downhole, the hole on the circumference is easily damaged by flushing or blocked by mud, which makes it impossible to remove the setting screw after going out of the well and replace the current limiting ring. As a result, the circulating sleeve is scrapped.
The new type of circulating sleeve uses conical pin and thread sleeve to fix directional bond and current limiting ring respectively, and does not use top wire.
      It can avoid mud into the top wire hole, which will lead that the top wire can not be removed, and the directional bond and current limiting ring can not be replaced.

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