Establishment of Associated Laboratory with Southwest Petroleum University

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      On October 28, 2018, LIUHE Greatness and Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU) jointly signed a cooperation agreement to establish the association of oil and gas intelligent measurement and control equipment technology research institute. Feng jianyu, chairman of LIUHE Greatness, zhang liehui, vice President of SWPU, zhu xiaohua, dean of the Mechanical Engineering College and other officials attended the signing ceremony.
      The two sides will jointly establish the oil and gas intelligent measurement and control equipment technology research institute, focusing on "New Technology and Instrument for the Measurement of Oil and Gas Wells with Drilling, New Equipment and Technology of Hydrocarbon Measurement and Control, Internet + Intelligent Oil and Gas Collection and Control Technology and System" and other aspects to carry out scientific and technological breakthrough and industrialization promotion and application.      
      Through the investment of LIUHE Greatness, application of common science and technology projects, regularly carry out technology research and application of achievements transformation and other ways of cooperation, it will promote the measurement and control instrument of oil and gas to be High-end, intelligent, industrialization and modularization, focusing on optimization of measuring control equipment of oil and gas industry which restrict the development of the industry key technology and common technology, focusing on solving the key technologies and common technologies that restrict the development of surveying and controlling equipment industry in oil and gas .
      At the signing ceremony, general manager feng said that LIUHE Greatness focuses on downhole measurement and pays special attention to research and development. He hopes to make full use of the advantages of southwest petroleum university in scientific research, technology and talent, promote the transformation of scientific research results, and continuously improve the company's oil and gas measurement and control equipment and technology research and development level through joint establishment of research institute.
      Southwest petroleum university, vice President zhang said the Joint establishment of intelligent oil and gas measurement and control equipment technology research institute with liuhe provides the school with conditions and opportunities. He hoped that both sides would give full play to their respective advantages, set up the mechanism of cooperation and communication on a regular basis, bring out more results and good achievement to promote win-win cooperation between the two sides.

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