LIUHE Greatness in <2018 China Intelligent Geological Equipment Technology Development Forum>

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      In order to promote the development of intelligent geological equipment technology and promote the progress of green geological equipment manufacturing industry, China university of geosciences (wuhan) and China geological equipment group co., ltd. jointly hosted the "2018 China intelligent geological equipment technology development BBS".Liuhe weiye was invited to attend. Chairman feng jianyu made a report on BBS titled "downhole tt&c system based on low-frequency wireless communication technology".   
       In the petroleum drilling exploration and exploitation construction, there are more and more challenges.Increasing Drilling depth, more and more complex drilling trajectory, more and more severe downhole environment.The traditional wireless while-while-drilling inclinometer can no longer meet the requirements of drilling construction, which requires not only trajectory measurement, but also measurement and uploading of geological parameters to meet the requirements of oil exploration.
       In order to solve the above problems, a near-bit measuring system is added on the basis of the existing wireless while-while-drilling inclinometer, which is used to measure the inclination and azimuth gamma of the near-bit position and to search for oil layers.The engineering parameter measurement system is added to measure drilling torque, drilling pressure, annular pressure, vibration quantity and other parameters in real time.Low-frequency wireless communication technology is one of the core issues to solve the above problems.

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