Wireless Measurement While Drilling System (MWD) Overseas Application Case

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Measurement While Drilling System (MWD), using mature and reliable positive mud pulse technology verified by lots of practice, with wireless communication without cable arrangement to transfer stand pipe pressure signal and other parameter, orders on well site, is very easy to operate. It also realizes magnetic coupling among some downhole parts of equipment to simplify the connection. By this risks under vibration in traditional contact pin connection can be solved. Suitable data processing software can decode signals and give out parameters as required. The maximum operation temperature can reach 175℃.
      During 2017, the purchase on 125℃ MWD is more than 100 strings and 175℃ MWD is more than 30 strings. 175℃ MWD is mainly used for deep wells in Xinjiang and Sichuan Provinces.

◆ Time: 6th July 2018
◆ Location: Oily Rocks, Azerbaijan
◆ Drilling Crew: No. 602A
◆ Well No.: No. 2675
◆ LIUHE Equipment: MWD LHE6101 (125℃)
◆ Periods and Well Sections:
1. 16:00, 15th June 2018 – 10:30 25th June 2018, 235.5 hours, 400m – 1,400m
2. 22:00, 30th June 2018 – 0:00 5th July 2018, 98 hours, 1,400m – 1,825m
◆ Total Working Hours: 333.5 hours
◆ Downhole Max. Circulation Temperature: 52℃

      MWD LHE6101 was used in two intervals during that well according to client’s requirement. Under severe downhole conditions as mud weight 1.3g/cm³ & Sand Content 2.5%, it worked very well to support directional drilling operation.


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