Self-floating Steerable Shunt Valve Application Case

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Currently, during oil and gas well drilling operations, there are always chances for downhole tools to affect special actions like leakage plugging, well washing, mud property adjustment, etc. To eliminate the effect, frequent trips cause lower operation efficiency. Self-floating Steerable Shunt Valve can open and close the bypass orifice timely according to downhole conditions for special actions. To achieve more unobstructed internal passage of special BHA can decrease the risk on well control with higher operation efficiency.


◆ Location: Seven-middle area, Karamay Oilfield, Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Province
◆ Time: 17th May 2018
◆ Drilling Crew: Karamay Drilling Co. No. 20939
◆ Well No.: No. TD72577
◆ LIUHE Equipment: MWD LHE6400 + Self-floating Steerable Shunt Valve LHE7801
◆ Period: 17th May 2018 – 22nd May 2018, 5 days
◆ Well Section: 680m – 890m
◆ Downhole Max. Circulation Temperature: 25℃ - 40℃
◆Other Parameters:
 1. Mud Pump Cylinder Sleeve: 160
 2. Diesel Rotary Speed: 1300r/min
 3. Wellbore Diameter: 215.9mm
 4. Mud Pump Rate: 24L/s - 28L/s
 5. Mud Weight: 1.50g/cm³- 1.57g/cm³
 6. Mud Viscosity: 40g - 55g

Pumping on to perform at least one stable circulation after lifting 3m from well depth 790m. Dropping ball after realizing stable pressure 10MPa. Waiting for pressure changes (10MPa – 12MPa – 5MPa) happening after ball’s bottoming. This indicated that the bypass valve already opened after a short pressure increase together with the other sign, no signal from MWD anymore.
      After required operation, carbon fiber made fishing tool (6 parts) was dropped in drill pipe. Connected Kelly Bar and pumped on around 5min until small pressure increase (5MPa – 6MPa) happening. Pumped off and released Kelly. After 7min, fishing tool came out together with the ball. Then the operation was restarted and MWD worked well under 10MPa as before.

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