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1. Hardware Engineer
Job description:
  • Product circuit design, PCB circuit board drawing, programming and product testing;
  • Put forward the test report and conclusion of adopting new technology, new structure and new device in the design;
  • Responsible for the preparation of product hardware technology related documents;
  • Responsible for the late maintenance and modification of completed projects.
Job requirements:
  • At least 2 years experience in software and hardware development of MCU and embedded system;
  • Proficient in AVR, PIC series MCU programming;
  • Proficient in analog and digital electronics;
  • Proficient in assembly, C language programming and debugging of various tools circuit;
  • Experience in oil and logging industry is a plus.

2. Software Engineer
Job description:
  • Fully involved in the software project requirements analysis, design, development and testing stages;
  • Participate in software quality management and maintenance, responsible for ensuring code quality, continuous optimization and improvement of software projects.
Job requirements:
  • Computer (application, network, science and technology), software engineering, electronic information, machinery, automation and other related majors, college degree or above;
  • Can fully participate in the software project requirements analysis, design, development and testing stages, familiar with C++ or other programming languages, a certain degree of serial port and network communication software development experience is preferred.

3. Executive Assistant
Job description:
  • Assist gm to implement target management and control annual administrative expenses;
  • Participate in the development of the company's personnel management system, improve and refine the work process;
  • Improve the company's talent planning, salary system construction, performance appraisal, training and other work;
  • Participate in the organization, coordination and arrangement of various meetings and large-scale activities of the company.
Job requirements:
  • At least 5 years management experience;Bachelor degree or above;
  • Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, good organization and coordination skills and communication skills, strong ability to analyze and solve problems.

4. Sales Assistant
Job description:
  • Responsible for business contract template, all kinds of business document drafting, and contract review, signing and processing;
  • Provide pre-sales product consultation to customers and assist customers to complete the order;
  • Responsible for the company's product information collection, collation, marketing materials preparation;
  • Responsible for daily translation of overseas materials;
  • Support the overseas sales manager and assist the overseas sales manager to deal with relevant issues.
Job requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above in marketing or related field;
  • Proficient in English, good at listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • Extrovert, quick reaction, affinity, good comprehensive image, strong communication skills and communication skills;
  • Sales experience in instrumentation, manufacturing and customer resources is a plus.

5. Mechanical Engineer
Job description:
  • Make project r&d plan according to project size;
  • Design the structure drawing according to the requirement of the assignment;
  • Cooperate to select and purchase key components according to design requirements;
  • Responsible for follow-up product upgrade and maintenance;
  • According to actual needs, organize technical training on a regular basis.
Job requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design and automation or other related majors;
  • Mechanical principles, electronic design or other relevant professional knowledge.Good computer knowledge;
  • Familiar with mechanical process of product development.Familiar with fluid mechanical design;
  • Proficient in using CAXA drawing software to draw 2d and 3d drawings;
  • Familiar with machining process and related process flow.

6. System Engineer
Job description:
  • Prepare annual quality system work plan;
  • Quality management system planning and organizing the preparation, revision and improvement of management system documents;
  • Internal audit and management review;
  • Guide the quality management system of each department;
  • Third party certification audit.
Job requirements:
  • Major in mechanical, electrical, automation or management engineering;
  • Quality management system standard training, quality management tools, internal auditors;
  • At least 3 years working experience in quality system implementation and maintenance in related companies;
  • Quality management background is preferred;
  • Familiar with quality management methods and quality tools;
  • Proficient in operating and using basic office software, able to compile courseware.

7. Quality Engineer
Job description:
  • Supervise and guide the inspectors from the aspects of business and technology to ensure the inspection is carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with established procedures and norms;
  • Management of monitoring and measuring equipment;
  • Quality feedback and complaint handling;
  • Coordinate the problems found in the inspection process and production process, and assist the organization and conduct the review of unqualified products;
  • Supplier quality management;
  • Guide all departments to rectify the non-conformance found in the audit, collect and summarize the rectification information of the non-conformance report.
Job requirements:
  • Mechanical, electrical, automation professional;
  • At least 3 years quality inspection experience in related company;
  • Familiar with quality management methods and quality tools;
  • Proficient in operating and using basic office software, able to compile courseware;
  • Strong on-site audit skills;
  • Strong ability to find, analyze and solve problems is a plus.
​​​​​​​double weekends, five social insurance and one housing fund, double salary at the end of the year, performance bonus, meal supplement, regular physical examination, paid annual leave, holiday benefits

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