Branch Introduction
      Shangqiu Ruikong Instruments and Meters Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Liuhe Greatness Technology Co., Ltd., was established in March 2002, and registered in No. 980, Jinqiao Road, Suiyang District, Shangqiu City, Henan Province, China.
      Shangqiu Ruikong Instruments and Meters Co., Ltd. is mainly a production base. Over the past ten years since its establishment, it specialized in mechanical processing, electronic welding assembly, design and manufacture of oil field survey instrument. The company mainly has six big series products: bluetooth electronic single point inclinometer, direct-reading geological inclinometer, Self-seeking cable North Gyroscope, wireless inclinometer with drilling mud pulse type, intelligent electronic multi-point test tube and cable logging winch. It has passed ISO9001 and API SPEC Q1 quality management system certification of American petroleum association, and now it has 52 independent intellectual property rights.
      Since its inception, the company adheres to the "accurate and reliable, customer satisfaction, innovation, the pursuit of excellence" quality policy for the fundamental development of the enterprise, with all efforts to create: standardized and rigorous design, process sophisticated manufacturing, meticulous testing, quality and efficient service and other scientific management system. So far, Core markets, the company cultivated and expanded, has covered the northeast, northwest, central China, and Our products can be widely used in oil fields, mines, tunnel engineering and geotechnical survey and other industries.Star product, drilling inclinometer, has a good reputation in the customers.
      The company has a team full of ideals and passion, full of the pursuit of innovation、 enterprising spirit and vigorous vitality. Internal members help each other, pay attention to communication and collaboration, just like brothers. A good corporate atmosphere will surely make you feel the joy of work, the care of colleagues, the joy of growth and the satisfaction of harvest. I believe that every employee of Ruikong can find their own career platform and development space here!
      Faced with the opportunities and challenges of domestic and foreign oil and other energy products' market demand for facilities, equipment and instruments, etc, in exploration、production and production activities, Beijing Liuhe Greatness Technology Co., Ltd. has always taken the mission of "constantly pushing forward the progress of drilling trajectory control technology and striving for the development of earth resources exploited by human scientifically" ,  researching, developing and manufacturing globally competitive drilling probe inclinometer, losing no time in optimizing and improving the core technology, core market and core team, and enhancing the company's comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development ability, to create more brilliant business achievements to achieve customers and employees, innovative technology and service, to return to shareholders and society.
      Quality objectives: the FPY of finished products is over 90%;The inspection rate of measuring instruments reaches 100%, and the qualified rate is 100%.Customer satisfaction over 90%;The effective rate of corrective and preventive measures reaches 90%.